, Salem, MA

March 5, 2013

Letter: Reject the governor's tax hike plan

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

What follows is an open letter to state Sen. Joan Lovely and state Rep. Ted Speliotis:

I hope that you will not support the governor’s proposal to increase the income tax and decrease the sales tax. This is another assault on the working people in the state — a way to cater to the non-working, benefit-collecting population and force working people to pay.

It is not fiscally prudent to raise taxes while the economy is so fragile. Let those of us who are paying for everything catch our breath. Give those of us who are working a chance to live like the EBT beneficiaries who we stand behind at the grocery store with carts overflowing, while we who pay with our earned cash wait with our clipped coupons hoping we have not overspent the budgeted weekly food allowance.

Perhaps some of the abuse in the welfare system can be brought under control. Stop the funds to the tens of thousands of welfare recipients who could not be found and spend that money on transportation needs. Use some of the funds the state wastes housing people in the Danvers motels, and in turn forcing the townspeople in Danvers to support these people. You both know that a motel is not a proper place for these families. I have seen women walking with babies on Endicott Street, Route 114 and Route 1. I have seen kids playing in parking lots on Route 1 dangerously close to speeding traffic.

The governor continues to say that this is what the people want. Who wants this? Certainly no one I know. No one I know thinks there is a need for a train to New York from Pittsfield or train service from Springfield to Boston. It costs $7.25 for train fare one way from Beverly, how much will it cost from Springfield? Who would travel hours by train for commuting purposes? How can anyone travel on a train to the Cape? Have you seen how much stuff a family needs for a vacation on the Cape? Instead of these grand ideas of extending train lines, perhaps the state could focus on making the system we currently have run properly and efficiently. Audit the MBTA’s Ride and have it to take people to doctor’s appointments and other important appointments. I saw a Jackie O look-alike get out of a Ride sedan on a Sunday at Kappy’s. A trip to a liquor store on a Sunday is an effective use of scarce transit resources? How can we trust anyone in state government to manage large-scale transportation upgrades after the scandals of the Big Dig?

I have had it. The working class cannot continue to pay for the liberal agenda of the Democrats in this state. We all know the way the system works. There is an unimaginable tax increase proposal, then our saviors in the House and Senate knock it back so that taxpayers think they are getting a bargain. No tax increase is a bargain!

Unfortunately these days, the takers are beginning to outnumber the payers. I hope you will be willing to stand up for your tax-paying constituents instead of your carpetbagger constituents living on Route 1.

Christopher G. Condon