, Salem, MA

October 11, 2013

Letter: Brimbal changes put children in danger

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This is regarding the Beverly City Council’s 7-2 vote in favor of the Brimbal Avenue project on Monday.

I am not surprised nor did I expect less.

Mr. Martin and Mr. Guanci, I appreciate your conscientious vote.

Let me remind those that have voted in favor of this rezoning: I am on a mission to save an innocent child’s life from being taken away by some anxious and impatient driver who decides to use Walnut Street as a thoroughfare or shortcut. As said at the hearing, “Mario Andretti Way.”

Let time be your saving grace because if this happens I will be the first to tell you so.

There are at least 12 children under the age of 8 across the street from me.

I hope and pray your child or grandchild will be safe because I pray to God that these children, though they are not mine, will be forever in the lives of the young families that chose to move here for a quality life with a beautiful school (built during this administration).

I hope I am forever wrong. Come to the neighborhood and observe for yourself.

I may not be able to save the value of my property but a child’s life is priceless. I will say my prayers are answered if I never see a tragedy like this occur.

Louis Bourgeois