, Salem, MA

October 12, 2013

Letter: Sympathy for Brimbal Ave. residents, small businesses

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

My heart goes out to the home owners on Brimbal Avenue. Life as they have known it will be majorly compromised if the CEA Group gets its way.

One of the things that makes Beverly unique are the small mom-and-pop businesses that pepper the landscape of Beverly, North Beverly and Beverly Farms. The owners of said businesses pride themselves in accommodating their customers.

If a big-monied conglomerate like Whole Foods comes to Brimbal Avenue, it will negatively impact the small bakeries scattered around Beverly, the varied restaurants, the coffee shops, the gift and card shops, the florist shops, the small delis, etc. You get the picture!

When the little guy is trying to eke out a living, what do you suppose happens to the businesses when presented with the developer CEA Group scenario? What happens to the uniqueness of what is now Beverly, North Beverly and Beverly Farms? Please no — this cannot happen.

Sharon Champaigne