, Salem, MA

October 19, 2013

Letter: Brimbal project happening regardless of residents' hopes

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The fix was in; it was on the face of every Beverly council member as they voted on the Brimbal Avenue development scheme. Rumor on the street has it that this issue was decided before Monday’s vote.

It appears evident someone wrote all the opinions presented by certain councilors before the vote, each speech sounding exactly the same as the previous, with a few words rearranged. The message I perceived as well as the majority in attendance is that this is going to be shoved in your face whether you like it or not, but hey, we’ll throw in a “citizens” committee so maybe you will calm down a bit. The old carrot and stick trick; then again, the whole project is nothing but smoke and mirrors, carrots and sticks.

Qui bono? Certainly not the citizens of Beverly who have been listening to this economic development blah, blah, blah, for how long?

Maybe it is time for the citizens of Beverly to start taking a closer look at some money trails. Seems to me an awful lot of moolah is going into or is going to go into someone’s pockets with vested interest in this project, and that certainly will not be the citizens of Beverly.

Further, evidently current events are being ignored by this council. The economy has been dealt the death card, and the final blow is not too far away. Instead of shoring up what infrastructure that exists now, the exalted of Beverly have hallucinated their way into more abstract ventures of pave whatever, put up a shopping mall, the solution to everyone’s economic woes.

Evidently, CEA has more money than it knows what do with. Anyone with a true economic vision would stay away from this kind of venture. The area is so saturated with malls, restaurants, etc., can one really think there will be a great profitable return on a headache like this? Then again, the wealthy have always been a masochistic sort. Kind of, let’s grab all the money we can, then run, leaving the city of Beverly in a further mess; taxpayers, man the brooms.

In spite of all this, there may be a silver lining here. With the financial situation the way it is and getting worse every day, the state of Massachusetts would be out of its mind to fund a monstrosity such as this. It would be an unwise investment with so much other infrastructure needing immediate attention.

The real travesty here shows how we have lost control of our government. It proves that the council is a hollow entity that pays lip service to its constituency. It is beholden to special interests and not the interest of its citizens. It is clear that the majority of people in the glorious city of Beverly see the Brimbal Avenue project as an insult to their sensibilities and the denigration of their living standards. This project will devalue properties within its perimeters, create more of a traffic hazard and will do little to encourage real “economic growth.”

It is clear that government on all levels has failed us all and that we have not taken the appropriate steps to put said entity back into our control.

Colorado just recalled its two senators; it may be time to recall the elected officials of the city of Beverly. Why are we in such debt that we have to resort to cheap malls and bad traffic schemes? Shut down City Hall, why not? You can be sure it won’t be missed.

Jeff Tanzer