, Salem, MA

October 22, 2013

Letter: Cahill understands how to lead

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am pleased to endorse Mike Cahill for mayor of Beverly. Mike is a lifelong resident of Beverly and is passionate about the city he grew up in. He is an experienced public servant whose vision and insight will lead to the right decisions for our wonderful city.

Mike’s years of experience as Beverly’s state representative and his current position as executive director for the Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs has gained him respect and relationships with people at the state level who are integral in providing support for the future of Beverly.

Mike is a collaborator who believes in collective wisdom. He knows that when people work together and bring their ideas to the table, there is more creativity and insight, which leads to positive action. The mayor makes decisions that will affect our city for many years to come, and Mike is committed to a long-term vision that includes great education, safe, clean neighborhoods, an engaging downtown and waterfront, support for all citizens and a vibrant local economy.

Mike works diligently for Beverly, whether it be volunteering on a board or serving on the City Council. He understands that the whole community benefits when people do their part and are actively involved.

Mike is ready to take the lead and continue to support projects that will help Beverly be the best it can be while maintaining our unique character. He is dedicated to responsibly investing our tax dollars, promoting appropriate economic growth, building a world-class middle school, opening our waterfront for more public use, improving Cabot and Rantoul streets, and helping Beverly to grow in the arts.

Education, along with healthy child development, is one of Mike’s top priorities. Not only was Mike a school teacher for 91/2 years, but he also spent many years coaching soccer with Beverly kids. He has been side by side with me, volunteering his time at one of our elementary schools, teaching students the value of community service. He also came to the Statehouse with us on multiple occasions as we advocated on behalf of Beverly schools.

Mike and I agree that our kids will lead us into the future. They need to be strong, well-educated, confident citizens, supported by Beverly in their youth so they return one day to work and raise their families in Beverly. I am excited by prospect of serving side by side with Mike on the School Committee.

I know that Mike will work tirelessly to make Beverly THE place to live on the North Shore.

Please join me in supporting Mike Cahill and cast your vote for him on Nov. 5.

Kris Silverstein

Ward 3 School Committee