, Salem, MA

October 22, 2013

Letter: Mayor: Slate has strong work ethic

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I find the letter to the editor of The Salem News of Oct. 18 from J. David Broudo (“Incensed’ by candidate’s mailing”) truly offensive. Am I to forgo the right to support Wes Slate, the candidate of my choice in the upcoming mayoral election? I publicly endorsed Wes Slate and have never referred to his opponent. For doing so, I am accused of having no class and no integrity.

I support Wes Slate because he has a strong work ethic; he is highly dependable and reliable, and he has real world experience.

I would have happily stood on the sidelines during the election if I believed that the qualities and qualifications of the two candidates were anywhere near close. I do know something about what it takes to do the job of mayor of this city. In my mind, they are not at all comparable, and I believe I must not forsake my responsibility to say so. Beverly’s future hangs in the balance.

Bill Scanlon

Mayor of Beverly