, Salem, MA

November 7, 2013

Letter: Obama has failed

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The president has been a real failure. Effective leaders take responsibility for problems around them. They do not shift blame to others. As Winston Churchill put it, “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Patients in Canada travel more than 100 miles to get health care to avoid government-controlled health care.

We have already lost thousands of jobs as a result of companies not hiring full-time employees. As a postal employee for 30 years, I have seen firsthand how having incompetent government managers in charge is.

I can only imagine how Obamacare will be seen. He has failed to protect our embassies where four Americans were killed. He is responsible for the largest debt this country has ever had.

He promised transparency, which has been a farce. IRS and NRA scandals occurred on his watch. We will never become energy-independent if he refuses to drill for oil and open up the pipelines from Canada. Where are the roads and bridges he promised to build? He promised to put people back to work, but employment is dismal. He was going to be a unifier, but he has polarized and divided this country more than ever.

Jim Lyons