, Salem, MA

June 20, 2013

Letter: Casino in Everett? Don’t make me laugh

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Where to put a casino? Revere, New Bedford, Springfield, somewhere, and soon a decision will be made. However, the latest location, Everett, caught my attention and gave me a good belly laugh.

Many moons ago, I spent my first 18 years growing up in Everett. I’m proud to say that Everett was a great blue-collar city filled with families that had a strong purpose in life. Having taught in Everett later on, I saw the population change, but, still, people were proud and industrious.

But a casino? Mr. Steve Wynn wants to build one on the old Monsanto chemical plant, which is bordered by the Mystic and Malden rivers, which are much cleaner today than in the ’60s. Let’s assume it is built and you look forward to staying at the casino’s hotel with a comfortable room on the top floor that has a 360-degree view.

Looking south across the Mystic River, you see a myriad of two- to three-decker homes in Somerville with the buzzing eight-lane highway Route 93 in the forefront. Looking east, there is a good-size wind turbine spinning away, and in the background a massive power plant, chimneys and all, and oil tanks. Looking northeast, there is a huge garage and outdoor parking lot dedicated to repairing MBTA buses. Hey, there goes a commuter line train into Boston and six orange line cars are heading the other way!

Looking north, we see the Wellington train station and parking lot and, in the distance, residential neighborhoods — but as we turned northwest there was a massive traffic jam at the Wellington rotary that has five entrances and exits all being controlled by traffic lights.

Finally, looking west, we see the Mystic River meandering west and there is a nice walking trail beside the river. There are also several marinas on the river, and Mr. Wynn has taken advantage of the river by building a huge marina that will accommodate yachts of all sizes coming up river from Boston Harbor. But wait a minute — two yachts want to leave the casino marina and head out to Boston Harbor, but they can’t leave this morning because an LNG tanker is entering the Mystic River, where it will dock beside the power plant. By noontime, the all-clear signal is given by the Coast Guard, so the two yachts are on their way — but wait, oh no, the new Alfred Street bridge is stuck and won’t go up! The two yachts return to the casino marina and tie up till another day.

We go downstairs and try that walk along the river. It was very enjoyable until it ended at Route 93!

We should have gone to Disney.

Mr. Steve Wynn knows what he is doing, as indicated by all his success. I wish him well, and for the sake of people looking for jobs, it would be a big boon to the local economy. However, my wife and I vote for only one casino where it is not already congested — like away from the Boston area.

Jim Prato