, Salem, MA

June 24, 2013

Letter: No mayor should be paid $100,000

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

You really have to hand it to the potentates at Salem City Hall.

While the American economic ship continues to sink into an abyss of bubbles, the City Council comes up with more insults to injury on the beleaguered taxpayer.

It is incredibly obscene that the mayor should be making $100,000 a year with the prospect of another $5,000 looming large.

There is no way in reality that a mayor should be making this kind of dough or any civil servant making more than an expense stipend off the backs of the people who really do the work, the taxpayer.

When did civil service become such a financial enterprise? There was a time when civics was taught in school, a time when civic duty was the responsibility of the citizen. No local, state or federal servant should be making such an overvalued salary. Expense incurred from doing one’s duty is one thing; making the money of a corporate chief executive officer at our expense is another.

Then again, this is a government that is going to peep in your trash and pay someone to do it, another sign of waste and idiocy. Is recycling a good idea? It sure is, but to install Orwellian architecture to do it is beyond the scope of reality and sanity. Where are the recycle police who should be going after the people who have dumped loads of trash in the Wilson Street, Highland Avenue area? There is more trash around that area than the transfer station, yet no one seems to blink an eye about that. The point is that hypocrisy seems to be the norm. Instead of balancing the budget and giving the taxpayer a cut from the windfall, the city just continues to spit in our eyes and expects you and I to keep taking it.

The solution (which should apply on local, state and federal levels)? We the people, and I mean we the people, the ones tied in slave irons and loads on our backs, can end this by shutting off the money flow. Stop paying. If the majority of the citizenry have the courage to put an end to this mockery and shut off the money flow, you will be amazed at how fast things would change. Don’t listen to City Hall’s fear-mongering that we can’t do this and we can’t do that if we don’t have X amount of dollars.

This is a peaceful and just answer. The way things are headed by judging the national scale, financial disaster is right around the corner, and that is the truth. $105,000 for just the mayor’s salary? How about see-through trash cans so we can see where the money is going.

Jeff Tanzer