, Salem, MA

June 24, 2013

Our view: Farewell to a Salem landmark

The Salem News

---- — Salem’s Pickering Wharf won’t be the same without the presence of Peter Barter and his beautiful flowers and gift shop.

The shop is the only original one left from the time when Pickering Wharf opened, and there’s a reason it’s lasted for 34 years. Barter and his family offered classy merchandise, attractively arranged, in a warm and tasteful ambience. Pots of flowers and lush wreaths often decorated the doorway, and inside, the scent of potpourri was delicious.

Visitors, whether browsing or buying, always felt welcome.

The Internet has had a hand in the demise of many florist shops, with so many people choosing to sever the local, personal connection and order their flowers instead on a computer, where they don’t see or talk to anyone. It’s a shame, because shops like Barter’s add so much to local life.

But it’s not the only factor here. At 82, Barter has certainly earned his retirement. We’ll miss him and his landmark shop, and we wish him well.