, Salem, MA

March 30, 2013

Letter: Don't cheapen the meaning of Easter

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The holiest day in Christianity, as well as the greatest day in human history, is upon us once again — the resurrection of Jesus Christ, aka Easter. As an “imperfect” follower of Jesus, it saddens me to witness the utter foolishness involved with regard to celebrating this day. And yes, I was a sucker for it, too.

Easter sales, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter outfits, Easter this and Easter that, and none of it having any connection whatsoever to the incredible miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross. Nothing. But I’m the cuckoo bird (so they say) for bringing this truth to light.

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the Jewish people deserve a big round of applause when it comes to honoring God Almighty on their high holy days. No big, fat, old bearded men in red jumpsuits or people dressed in bunny costumes watering down the message of God’s goodness to his chosen people. Nope. Just pure, simple, respectful and honorable celebrating — period.

God is given FIRST PLACE, which is what he commands from us all, not all this cheap junk made in China and other material objects that only serves to distract us from the significance of this day. What we (myself included) have done to this miraculous holy day is nothing short of a tragedy. Many Christians should take heed from their fellow Jewish neighbors as soon as possible! Seriously. Because some of the worst offenders (been there, done that) are those who are in the Church — the body of Christ. How sad.

Despite our sinful behavior (now there’s a word nobody likes to use anymore), we have an awesome God who loves us nonetheless. Imagine that. An undeserved free gift of love and forgiveness from Jesus Christ at his expense is the message of Easter, the message of the cross, but it’s difficult to hear that message with all the clutter of this world.

Idolizing ourselves, our stuff, you name it, is not how we honor or respect God, but unfortunately, that’s becoming the norm more and more in our culture. Let’s face it, most kids today are more excited about their Easter basket and their picture with the Easter bunny than they are with a resurrected Jesus, the one whom we are to be thanking and celebrating. What does that tell you?

Again, the Jewish people have been wise not to contaminate their holy days with worldly influences. This is about respecting and honoring God for what he’s done for us. As for the rest of us (self included), we are slowly but surely losing our way.

Listen. If you want big fat men in red suits and people dressed as bunnies, set a date and I’ll mark my calendar. Now we’ll have two new festivals to celebrate — hooray! But c’mon. You know the truth and I know the truth, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with baskets, Peeps, eggs, clothing or whatever the world has persuaded you to buy and believe.

The truth is ... Jesus Christ conquered the grave for your sins and mine (I understand that many people today don’t want to hear that word — sin, but we’ve all got them) giving us the opportunity to escape spiritual death and live eternally with God forever. How is that not amazing? We didn’t deserve the gift, but nonetheless, it was freely given at the cost of Jesus’ life.

The Easter Bunny or Jesus? It’s your choice. Happy Easter AND Happy Passover.

Brenda McFeeters