, Salem, MA

April 2, 2013

Letter: Citizens have a God-given right to bear arms

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

With all of the assailments on the Second Amendment recently, and the distortions from some of our leaders, I would like to let people know that there are no laws that could have prevented Adam Lanza from the atrocious deeds committed in Newtown, Conn.

I am sorry to say that denial is prevalent in today’s society. It cost Adam’s mother her life and the life of many innocent children. Mental illness needs closer observation and reporting.

Our Founding Fathers painstakingly and forthrightly gave us a document protecting the citizenry from a tyrannical government, which they came into this country to escape. They gave us the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution, with separation of powers for checks and balances.

Those in power came from varied backgrounds in order to preserve a fair representation. Today, however, we have in power a large majority of lawyers, which is a largely unbalanced majority.

Our Constitution has been assailed thousands of times during the last 200 years, and only 27 times have there been amendments to it by varied supreme courts.

The right to bear arms for the citizens of this country is a God-given right and not a right given to us from the government. Our Founding Fathers presumed a moral citizenry.

The Second Amendment is and remains an unambiguous and unrestricted guarantee that all Americans, regardless of race, religion or class, have the right to own and bear arms and use them for their own self-defense. The term assault rifles today has been construed and misrepresented, particularly by the press, as military fully automatic weapons. They are not, and have been illegal to posses for civilian use. There are only military look-alike weapons that are very popular among some target shooters and hunters.

Massachusetts has formulated new gun laws in 1998. These laws are severely flawed and pose very strict regulations on its citizens.

Prior to these laws, there were approximately 1.5 million gun owners in this state. We now have roughly 250,000 licensed gun owners.

The costs increased from a $10 fee to a $100 fee per license. The decision to issue licenses are now arbitrary and left up to the police chiefs in every city and town. This creates an uneven process of law, and is prejudicial.

Many of the regulators require passing a gun course, which costs another $100 to $150 per course. The license term is for six years. As a 76-year-old who’s been shooting since age 21, does it make any sense for me to take another gun course?

If a licensed gun owner should move from one city to another, he or she is required to let the police department know and register with them.

We are lawful, taxpaying citizens and are treated like sex offenders! This is strictly against the Constitution! These laws are looked upon by our lawmakers as models for the rest of the country. With their recent release, criminals, termed illegal by our leaders, are making our streets even more dangerous, which is an affront to our law enforcement and endangers our officers even more. I have to wonder what this administration is thinking. I also wonder why tanks and F-16s are being sold to the Muslim Brotherhood, our archenemies who want to destroy our country because of our alliance with Israel.

Is it any wonder that there is much confusion in our land?