, Salem, MA

July 10, 2014

Letter: Remembering Bill Kipouras

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I was sorry to hear of the passing away of Bill Kipouras, longtime sports editor of The Salem News, and before that, one of the sports editors of the Boston Herald from the late 1950s to 1974, when he became the executive sports editor of The Salem News until he retired in 2010, ending a long career covering schoolboy and professional sports, Boston Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, etc.

I first knew Bill when he was a student in the Thomas Carroll grammar school in Peabody, graduating from Carroll in 1953 before entering Peabody High School.

At that time, I was in the fourth grade at Carroll School, and us young fourth- and fifth-graders were taught basketball by Bill and the late Paul Galaris after school on Friday afternoons to learn the game, and to later play for principal/coach Arthur Flanagan. Many of us played for the Carroll during Coach Flanagan’s golden years before entering Peabody High School.

Bill was a pretty good athlete in his own right, playing basketball for Carroll in the early 1950s and catching in the Pony League during his Peabody High School years in the mid-1950s.

Bill started writing high school sports for Peabody High for the then-Peabody Times sports column, then edited by later Peabody Mayor Edward “Spike” Meaney, who was a sports writer for the Peabody Times for many years starting in the 1940s.

Bill Kipouras was brought up on Harris Street, Peabody, as was Peabody Mayor Phil O’Donnell.

In later years, Bill Kipouras, along with his late mother, lived on Tremont Street next to the Prescott Cemetery on the Central Street end of Tremont Street.

In his latest years, Bill lived with his late wife, Carol, on Ellsworth Road in the Emerson Park area of Peabody close to the former J. B. Thomas Hospital.

All the North Shore sports fans and coaches can thank Bill Kipouras for his “ink,” which in many cases contributed to the successful careers of the many athletes he covered over his many years of covering sports.

In Bill’s later years, he would frequent Brothers Restaurant in Danvers Square, and before that, Brothers Restaurant in Peabody Square on Main Street.

I had last seen and talked to Bill at the Registry of Motor Vehicles office last fall at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, where he was renewing his driver’s license. Of course, we talked about sports.

God bless and rest in peace, Bill.

Wally Birmingham