, Salem, MA

May 24, 2013

Letter: Many contributed to proud day for parish

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Father Bruce’s homily will forever be in our memories as we “Remember the Past, Celebrate the Present and Believe in the Future” during our grand celebration acknowledging our 50th anniversary as the Parish of St. Richard of Chichester on Sunday, May 19.

The “Master” working through the Holy Spirit over these 50 years has encouraged each of us to “continue playing,” using our talents for the betterment of all. That is exactly what took place on this glorious Sunday morning with perfect weather, the church and grounds looking magnificent, music to fill our senses, photos taken to mark the occasion, food and drink enjoyed, with stories shared and the overwhelming feeling of community!

We remembered and acknowledge with gratitude our pastor, Rev. Bruce Flannagan, who was presented with a chalice from Sharon Thurston, Gary DeStefano and Betsy Geheb representing the staff and parishioners in honor of his 35 years ordained into the priesthood. We also recognize and acknowledge the presence of fathers Ron St. Pierre, Henry Cunney, James Riley and Louis Bourgeois, who concelebrated the Mass with Father Bruce; state Rep. Ted Speliotis, who presented a state resolution to the parish; the Knights of Columbus, who co-sponsored this event; the Igo-Cusack family; the Richard Robie family; Wayne Eisenhauer; St. Mary’s staff; our Founders and the following parishioners and businesses in our community:

Master of ceremonies, John Call.

Mass Chairman Altie Nichols and her committee: Kathleen Gannon, Dorothy Richard, Anne DeStefano, Pat Bedard, Evie Fraser. Others that assisted: Sandra and Sam Ciruolo, Roger Richard, David Gannon, Jackie and Bob Caron, Jamie Casey, Josephine Staffieri, Claire Nichols, Carrie Podmostka, Betsy Geheb, and Jack Nichols.

Reception Chairman Cathy Marrero and her committee: Michael Marrero and family, Kandace Kukas, Ann and Dane Poeske, Mary and Ray Jalbert, Elaine and Jake Ludes, Libby Siegel, Tom and Debra Mistretta, Kathy (cake decorator) and Scott Knowles, Patty and Paul Chisholm, Evie Fraser (flowers) and Joan Shay. Also Fred Geheb, and Mary and Michael White, Timothy Guinee, Luke Mistratta, Matthew Shay and Christian Kukas.

Musicians under direction of Brenda Myers, Jeff Patch, Mark Baldwin, Katie Frigon, Jilly Martin, Matthew Knowles, Stephen Heimlich, Greg Gettel and Gerry Mordis.

Publicity Chairman Patty Chisholm and her committee: Evie Fraser, John Call and Betsy Geheb.

Dunkin Donuts-Rte. 114, Rick McKenna Landscaping, state Rep. Ted Speliotis and his staff, Mike Strong from Pilot Printing, Claudia DiLorenzo, Andrew Lane, Paul Canova, Mercer Photography, Dana Healy and DCAT Cable TV, Scot James and the Danvers Fire Department, the parish ministries, the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee, the Parish Council and Finance Committee and most importantly our pastors, religious, staff, founding members and the parishioners who ARE the “twinkle” of St. Richard of Chichester Parish. WOW! What a proud day!

Betsy Geheb


50th Anniversary Planning Committee

St. Richard Parish