, Salem, MA

July 18, 2013

Letter: Northside's 'angels' lend a hand

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I want to tell you about three angels who were picking up trash in our neighborhood early yesterday afternoon. My husband, who is 83 years old and disabled, had fallen getting out of the car and was lying in our driveway. I had left him to go inside and dial 911. He thought he was just fine and only wanted someone to get him on his feet, so he started yelling for help.

Three employees from Northside Carting came to him and knew that they should not try to move him. Because he takes blood thinning medications, there was blood flowing from five different skin tear wounds. These young men came to the rescue and got a (clean, I was informed) bag filled with papers out of the truck This was put under my husband’s head, and some clean paper towels were used for padding to rest his arm off the hot tar. Someone even brought an umbrella and held it so that the sun wouldn’t get on him, and he said that felt wonderful. A cold bottle of water to hold on his head and neck was the final good deed.

These young heroes stayed with us until the fire department came and then did not leave until the ambulance arrived and they were sure that my husband would be OK and was going to be transported to the hospital.

There were five substantial wounds requiring dressings of different kinds. The visiting nurse will change those today. Please tell our angels that my husband will be his own self in a week or two and that yesterday they made a difference in our lives that we will never forget.

Jane E. Dionne