, Salem, MA

July 31, 2013

Letter: Has paper made its choices clear?

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In response to the July 27 article on who is in for Peabody’s 2013 municipal election (”Peabody mayor gets a free ride into November election”), I am appalled at how one of the candidates is already being treated or labeled. Instead of “Route 1 resident,” why not refer to Mr. Bakula as “first-time candidate” or “political newcomer” or “political activist, now candidate?” As a former classmate of Peter’s, I have always found him to be a good person who, for years, has continuously been willing to step forward to assist others in achieving their political goals, including me. Now he is doing something for himself, and for the betterment of the residents of Peabody. No offense to the former candidates running, but the residents of Peabody deserve something new, not recycled.

And how is it that Mr. Papamechail earns the title of “newcomer” when he has failed to return his nomination papers in his past attempts to run for office? It seems The Salem News has made its choices clear by the placement of glowing adjectives said about certain candidates: “member of the Community Preservation Committee”, “neighborhood activist,” “former candidate,” “active in youth sports,” “brother of” a former elected official, and “brother of ... who was also a former elected official’s campaign manager.”

I hope that is not the case!

Mark Titelbaum