, Salem, MA

June 18, 2013

Farm should use resources to make its own compost

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Brooksby Farm was famous for its seasonal fruits and vegetables. I was especially fond of their variety of apples and would stock up on them. There was no comparison to the tough-skinned, tasteless apples sold in local supermarkets.

I have noticed in recent years, though, that their store has less of their own products and more of high-priced specialty items. Is their management the same one that was scammed into buying an “organic” fertilizer that has polluted Peabody’s air and will result in unproductive fields for a year? American farmers have always farmed organically. They used the manure from their cows, horses and chickens on their fields. Today, they have learned to compost their manures with vegetables to eliminate the smell and produce excellent soil.

Brooksby has acquired a lot of animals for public exhibit. Why don’t they use their manure and their vegetation to make their own compost? Unfortunately, today, those in charge of making business decisions know little about the business and see only dollar signs with their eyes.

Dorothy V. Gregory