, Salem, MA

April 19, 2014

Letter: A 'thanks' to fellow voters

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Two words to my fellow Hamilton citizens: Thank you!

Thank you for restoring my faith in the common sense of people and voting to reelect the most hard-working, honest selectman — Jeff Hubbard.

And to the other four selectmen: I hope this sends a clear message that even with their force behind Shawn Farrell (no offense to him) that the people in town are tired of the “baloney” — we know exactly who is being divisive and contentious and by our votes, we are telling you: We are not “buying” what you are “selling.”

One of the selectmen actually told me once that she “has a hard time listening to someone who has never served on a board ...” Ergo she doesn’t want to listen to most of us, right? Frightening admission.

The voters have showed we want a polite, courteous selectman who listens to all constituents and all sides of the issues. A selectman who actually wants the citizens to have a say in the shaping of our town and what we can and cannot financially shoulder.

When voting on issues does not go the way some of the selectmen want, they say the people “just didn’t get it.” Well, I hope they get this — We support Jeff Hubbard, who doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of his working for us. Maybe now you’ll do the same; stop your pettiness and start acting like mature, courteous, democratic professionals and respect our votes and respect your fellow selectman who represents us.

Susan Welch

South Hamilton