, Salem, MA

April 22, 2014

Letter: Remy's cheer strikes a nerve

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Lately, it seems that the NESN Red Sox broadcasts have turned into the “Don and Jerry Show,” a real “yuck-fest” with all the guffawing about Don’s tie, the new feature where Don visits part of the ballpark, the online texting polls, etc. In the past, the humor on their telecasts often stemmed from something funny happening on the field or in the stands. Now the humor seems almost scripted, perhaps, to the cynics out there such as me, to make Jerry seem like a good old boy, with a great sense of humor. Don asks Jerry questions about something that is sure to elicit a humorous response from his partner. I wonder how many other viewers feel the same way. Ever since I heard Remy on the radio, basically dismissing the woman who was Jennifer Martel’s best friend, I have lost all respect for Remy. And every time I see him laughing it up with Don Orsillo, I am reminded of the role that Remy played in keeping his son out of jail, a son who is now accused of killing an innocent woman.

Speros Zakas