, Salem, MA

May 1, 2014

Letter: Civil service best for chief pick

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am expressing my opinion on the Salem City Council thinking about removing the police and fire chiefs from civil service. I know other cities and towns are doing this and it is getting to be an epidemic. We have talent here in Salem and it is not always wise to think outsiders are more qualified.

Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. One must think about incentive and camaraderie. If workers lack these two objectives, morality will go way down, thus affecting productivity.

This is not something that our leaders should take lightly. The welfare and safety of our community are at stake. I consider the lives and the protection of property much too high a priority to gamble with.

Our police officers and fire fighters are putting their lives on the line every time they go out on a call and all we have to do is think about the recent marathon disaster in Boston. Sometimes it takes a disaster to realize that members of our police and fire are genuine heroes.

My philosophy has been, “If something is not broken, don’t fix it.”

Anthony V. Salvo

Former mayor of Salem