, Salem, MA

May 19, 2014

Letter: A sad state of affairs in Salem

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I read with interest recent letters, including the May 16 letter “Educators are more than cogs in a machine,” lambasting the School Committee for its vote to turn Bentley Elementary School over to a private company. In other words, making it a charter school.

While I wholeheartedly agree with everything these letters stated, why did these individuals, including the teachers union, wait so long to write to The Salem News and to stage a protest?

It was a foregone conclusion that the School Committee would vote the way it did, since several of its members are charter school enthusiasts.

But, perhaps, if they had acted or spoken up sooner, it just might have roused the public’s opinion to call on the duly elected charter school enthusiasts to vote differently.

Although I have no children enrolled in Salem schools, having grown up in Salem, my heart is very sad at this sad state of affairs.

Also, just how much is it going to cost the Salem taxpayers to pay the salary of this Blueprint leader and the new principal he is going to hire, who will have absolutely no ties to the city of Salem and, therefore, not understand the makeup of the city?

Jo-Ann Giuggio