, Salem, MA

December 6, 2012

Letter: Time for term limits, voter ID in Beverly

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The election season is now over, and we are destined to continue the fundamental systemic issues plaguing our nation, state and local governments. We at Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility were not pleased with the results of Question 4 on the ballot, as the people of Beverly decided that a new tax in the form of an override was necessary to give the city more money to spend.

On more than one occasion, Mayor Bill Scanlon has stated that he needed another revenue source so that more things could be done in the city. Never, in all the years that he has been mayor, has he attempted to cut spending and be frugal with our money. We are one of the few cities in Massachusetts without a rainy day fund because he spends every dime he gets. He allows the unions to control negotiations that are breaking the back of our city. The mayor does not concern himself with taxpayers having to live within our means. Two years ago, the city fathers handed us a meals tax just after the state increased our sales tax. When Obamacare begins to take effect in January, we will have approximately 20 new taxes facing all of us.

It appears to CFR that there is a solution to this problem. It is twofold. First, we need term limits for all elected officials, and secondly, we need voter ID. Why these two items? Well, term limits means that when elected officials don’t have to worry about being re-elected all the time, they could do what is best for their constituents as apposed to being afraid of doing what is right. Voter ID means that we can eliminate voter fraud that is becoming more widespread with every election. We would like to start this process in Beverly. Very soon, you will see our volunteers out getting signatures. We ask for your support.

Also, if you would like to help us, or donate to our cause, please call me at 978-337-5334. To donate, please send your check in any amount to CFR c/o George Binns, 51 Baker Ave., Beverly, MA 01915.

Elliott Margolis