, Salem, MA

December 15, 2012

Letter: Tales of another favorite cat

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The recent news about popular Salem cat Lucy’s death encouraged me to write about my favorite cat, Tully.

Tully was part of life here in my house in Gloucester long years before I was. I’ve lived here more than five years; Tully lived here well over 10 years. I believe this cat has been around in Gloucester around 18 years.

Tully was very independent; he was an orange kitty who would stay outdoors on most good nights unless tempted otherwise. I had heard he fell out of the third-floor window from his house years ago.

Poor Tully got sick in late spring 2012 and went away one Tuesday night and never returned. His time and place of death is unknown.

Well, Tully has a boat named after him, and he’ll always be a happy memory.

Edward W. Carberg