, Salem, MA

September 24, 2012

Letter: Support for Salem CPA a prudent move

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Every growth project and rehabilitation project in Salem requires monies from outside sources to maintain and sustain. Therefore, it is prudent for we voters to pass the Community Preservation Act and obtain state monies that we pay into the state and reap benefits for our city.

Other communities on the North Shore participate and are rewarded with funding. Even in this slow economy, it makes sense to be fiscally responsible and vote for the passage of the Community Preservation Act, whether the monies are for the harbor improvement, which requires millions of dollars, or funding the park at the foot of the Salem and Beverly bridge. Monies will come if we act responsibly and think of the CPA not as an additional tax we pay to the city but a way for our city to care for its properties and the environment. Think about it � we want to keep improving the quality of life in Salem, thus we need state funding to help us. Fiscally, Salem will ultimately benefit by passage of the CPA act.

Dolores Jordan