, Salem, MA

September 26, 2012

Letter: Thank you to Peabody forestry workers

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am writing this note to thank the guys from the Forestry Department of the City of Peabody for stepping up and doing a great job in clearing the long-overgrown area of Upland Road off Grandview Avenue. It is difficult to think of the negative view this created for those visiting the 9/11 Memorial Park at the top of the hill.

This thanks is extended to Chris Ryder, the mayor’s chief of staff, and the mayor himself, Ted Bettencourt, for taking the time to effectively eradicate this eyesore.

I am proud to say it worked because everyone did their job well.

The abutters and neighbors are pleased and hope this approach to the 9/11 memorial at the top of Grandview Avenue remains on the city’s radar.

Maureen Kiley