, Salem, MA

September 28, 2012

Letter: He takes pride in ‘for the people’ laws

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Your writer George Coelho is in lockstep with the views of Mitt Romney, that most of us (mostly Democrats) are just takers who give nothing back, unlike holier-than-thou Republicans like Romney, who himself was a draft dodger, even dodges paying his fair share of taxes, having offshore bank accounts that he has no knowledge of because they’re in a blind trust — hello.

We are a government created “for the people.” That’s what minimum-wage, 40-hour week, Social Security, Medicare and the new Affordable Health Care law are all about, and I applaud Democrats for their passing the legislation creating them. These are “for the people” programs that Republicans voted against, even a minimum wage of 25 cents an hour, which they viewed as too expensive for business to absorb, so what else is new?

I’ll bet your writer conveniently forgot that in the year 2000 when his Republican Party came to power, the government had a surplus of close to $5 trillion, which they blew through in two years with massive tax cuts for the already rich Romneys of the country. Thus began the huge budget deficits that Obama has been working to stabilize, and he needs Warren and Tierney to help him give us the country many of us have served and love!

Saul P. Heller