, Salem, MA

October 1, 2012

Letter: The reason for the drop in Democratic voters

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

To all of you who have seen the way our government has been going in the past four years, downhill, with the most recent fraud placed upon our pocketbooks (failure of the U.S. Post Office to provide their annual $5 billion dollar pension fund), to go along with the last three years of a minor increase in Social Security and the potential increase in Medicare from $120 to $240 beginning the next two years:

I and my wife are awakened to the fact that we are becoming an endangered species.

Mr. Obama ... and his cohorts are planning the greatest escape from reality over the next four years, providing he succeeds in winning the electoral vote for president after the November election. Even that is in jeopardy with a proposal to elect future presidents by National Public Votes in which the largest 14 states will dictate to the smallest 36 who will be the Democrat successor for the next 40 years. ...

Two things are going to happen, in my estimation, and one I can predict without too much guesswork.

The Republicans will take back the Senate and the House of Representatives, which will be a stumbling block for Obama's agenda, but he will bypass Congress and our constitution and do as he pleases because of the Democrats remaining in Congress.

His first rung on the second Obama term will be the decimation of the U.S. military. ... His military agenda for them will be to fight the injustices in the country, and as he sees it, the armed forces will suddenly find themselves unarmed and their mission will be a war on poverty, probably with the likes of a new/old Works Progress Administration (aka W.P.A.) and an all out effort to stop global warming. ...

Next he will continue to create or attempt to create, with new stimulus funds, a Green Bank so he can begin his transfer of wealth, not from the Hollywood rich ... but from the great middle class, sons and daughters of Tip O'Neil and Ray Flynn, the former leather workers from the once great city of Peabody whose pensions are peanuts compared to the $300 to $400 a week benefits for both documented and undocumented workmen compensation beneficiaries who are counting the years as they go by, thanks to our friends from the once great now stagnant Democratic Party of the People.

The party who, by the way, once numbered 30,000 members in the city of Peabody alone, now number a mere 11,000-plus ... while the unenrolled (independent) voters number 20,000. ...

Ask yourself why as of March 6, 2012, the unenrolled in Essex County number 261,832 and the Democrats number 154,655. Strange, isn't it? Why the drop-off? ...

Let me tell you that the party, my friends, is over come Nov. 6. Don't say you weren't informed. ... You see what is happening in places like Libya, Egypt, Tripoli ... and all our president does is wait for the next bus to his next campaign stop. ...

Your children's future and their children's future lie in your hands.

William A. Toomey