, Salem, MA

July 6, 2013

Letter: Fix what's broken

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Here in Salem, our school system and our students are a reflection of the city’s reputation. The uniqueness of Salem’s elementary schools lies in the diversity that is offered to families; and it is this diversity that draws families to our city. The richness of different teaching methods within the schools gives options and choices to both parents and students. But removing a staple program, such as Saltonstall School’s extended-year program, brings into question what other changes may occur within the other elementary schools.

There are seven elementary based schools each with curriculum themes that makes each one individual, yet each one part of our educational foundation.

It is a foundation that our children need and our state standards need in order to blossom. The administration should focus on what doesn’t work and to improve on that; not to put a halt to what works within our schools and with every school here in Salem.

Ruth Brennan