, Salem, MA

July 8, 2013

Letter: What are the rules for Segways?

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This morning I came as close to hitting a Segway as I want to experience. In skilled hands, this apparatus is capable of making a 90-degree turn instantly. The operator appeared from behind a group of people, initially appearing as a walking tourist.

The apparatus was not readily noticeable when it moved, due to low mass visibility. He made an immediate right turn into the crosswalk at a speed quicker than that of a pedestrian.

I refer to this means of mobility as an “apparatus,” because I do not know if the state considers this a vehicle.

What is the policy of enforcement in Salem with this means of people movers? Are they allowed to use crosswalks that are restricted to use by pedestrians and persons with a mobility issue, when bikes are not allowed? I would certainly appreciate knowing who is responsible for this dangerous traffic matter.

Ken Bonacci