, Salem, MA

April 13, 2013

Letter: Voting for Landen for Swampscott School Committee

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

We are writing to endorse Jaren Landen for Swampscott School Committee. Jaren is deeply passionate about making the schools better for all of Swampscott’s students in a fiscally responsible manner and has worked tirelessly toward that goal over the last three years. Her experience, passion and work ethic, and her persistent, transparent and cordial approach have made her a highly effective School Committee member.

Last year, Jaren founded the Grants and Student Life Subcommittee. As committee members, we have been impressed by Jaren’s drive, intelligence and the depth of her commitment to Swampscott’s schools.

Under Jaren’s leadership, the committee has raised funds for new band instruments, science programs, classroom interactive response systems, and technology. Pending grants seek support for the robotics program and non-fiction guided reading materials. The subcommittee has researched larger grant opportunities to pursue as the K-12 STEM curriculum expands, and has identified community contacts at high-tech and bio-tech companies to explore new ways to acquire equipment and supplies for school science classrooms.

Even before her election to the School Committee, Jaren secured funding for a science program and a student assessment system to provide teachers and parents with real-time information about student progress. She also brought new clarity to goal-setting in the school system and new transparency for parents and community members regarding the district curriculum. Pursuing her own interest in understanding the K-12 curriculum, she encouraged the administration to post the curriculum publicly on the district website.

Jaren has researched best practices throughout the commonwealth to identify procedures and programs that might benefit teachers and students in Swampscott.

Jaren Landen will have our votes on Election Day. We strongly encourage you to look at the work she has done for all of our children and give her your vote as well.

Susan Lewis

Cynthia Zeman


Note: Election Day in Swampscott is Tuesday, April 30.