, Salem, MA

April 24, 2013

Letter: Bike path vandalism an omen

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The April 15 article “Vandalism Along the Rail Trail” should open a lot of eyes in town about the future of the bike path and getting prepared for what’s to come. The present bike path is a nice, friendly trail for many to use and enjoy. Unfortunately, the future plan is to expand from the present four-mile path in Danvers by connecting to 40 miles of the Boston Bike Highway. That will change everything in a bad way.

Lexington is a prime example of what’s to come. The bike people in Lexington brag that a million riders use the highway each year. This has led to increased business in town, which is true, but it has also increased town costs and crime. Lexington has a special category for bike patrolmen and employs 15 of them. A few years back when I checked, I found Lexington Fire Department answered 76 emergency calls that year and considered purchasing a special vehicle because of the volume. Can you imagine what the bike highway crossing at High and Poplar streets will be with this volume?

The Boston Bike Highway attracts both good and bad. Checking the local newspapers shows a rise in crime along the highway. A four-mile bike path is good, and a 40-plus-mile bike highway is bad for all. The future needs to be looked at now. The taxpayer and voter should remember over the next few years, as the problems arise, who got us into this fiasco.

John Toomey