, Salem, MA

September 4, 2013

Letter: Grateful for return of stamps

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This past week, I purchased a roll of stamps at the Danvers post office and, not paying attention when I took out my keys from my bag, I unknowingly dropped the stamps in the vicinity of my car. When I went to retrieve my stamps from my pocketbook the next day, the stamps were not to be found. Well, I thought my chances were really slim, but I went back to the post office to see if, by any chance, I had left my stamps on the office counter.

Ann at the Post Office didn’t think so but said that a man had called the day before to say he had found stamps and had left his phone number. I called, and Richard from Beverly was willing to come back to Danvers to give me my lost stamps. I insisted on going to Beverly, and we met at Henry’s Market.

Richard was wearing a veteran’s hat, and I’m sorry that I didn’t thank him for his service as well as my stamps. I love the expression, “integrity is a gift you give yourself,” but many times that gift spills over to thankful people!

Susan Bezuka