, Salem, MA

September 12, 2013

Letter: Work together, rather than pointing fingers

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In response to the letters dated July 22 regarding the two opinions on Saltonstall School’s extended program: They are a person’s viewpoint or interpretation of facts. Now, after all, what makes our country so great is the ability to voice opinions freely.

However, it is in my opinion that when something is stated, it should not include finger-pointing or name-calling; statements should include facts to support what you believe in. And the phrase that was used to describe our school system here in Salem should have been put into a more appropriate form to express any expression of disappointment that Mr. Turiel may feel or believe.

It is a community that makes a child, and when you have the balance of support from the teachers, to the parent, guardian, or grandparent, to the administration, to the community, then perhaps the school district’s level will increase the entire district. And when one link is broken, then the child’s success is compromised.

So, let’s not compromise our students by placing blame, and let’s work together as a team to ensure the success our children deserve.

Ruth Brennan