, Salem, MA

September 13, 2013

Letter: Schultz welcomes accountability

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am writing today in support of Patrick Schultz’s candidacy for Salem School Committee. Mr. Schultz, as he is still known to many of his former students, myself included, will bring accountability to the school committee. Throughout most of primary and secondary school our education system attempts to provide an unbiased view of its subjects. The problem with history and in particular, U.S. History, is that it is fraught with bias, and cannot be explained in simple black-and-white terms. When Mr. Schultz set out to teach his students history, one of his central themes has been accountability. He taught us to question and to examine issues from all sides. Refreshingly, he didn’t balk at letting his students refute his comments and encouraged us to question him.

When discussing with friends and family back home the issues Salem schools have been having, one element missing seems to be accountability. Many seem unable to accept blame because they see it as unproductive. That argument certainly has some merit. However, the recent issues are not the first that have been mishandled and when new problems crop up it is important for each member to evaluate their own work on the issues both past and present. No one holds himself more accountable than Patrick Schultz and that is something that the school committee can very much utilize. It is for this particular reason that I support Patrick Schultz’s candidacy for Salem School Committee.

Brian Taubeneck

Salem High School Class of ‘05

Washington, D.C.