, Salem, MA

May 3, 2013

Letter: Lucy, Bennett for selectman

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I should like to respond to what appears to be a letters-to-editor campaign by the Mills committee, which The Salem News in the past would never allow, and show why Selectmen Keith Lucy and Dan Bennett should be re-elected. Both men have tried to keep real estate taxes down for residents while maintaining essential services.

As we have read, because of Lucy, there was no need to override Proposition 21/2. He and Selectman Mike Powers found a way to finance the high school reconstruction without breaking the taxpayers’ backs. Dan has always worked so hard and so meticulously over the years on so many projects that he must be allowed to continue with the current issues now facing the town.

Lucy’s strength is in finance. He must continue on that path so as to save taxpayers as much money as possible while maintaining essential town services, which are excellent. These reasons show why Lucy and Bennett should be re-elected.

Philip J. Celeste