, Salem, MA

May 21, 2013

Our view: SwampWalk a welcome addition

The Salem News

---- — Don’t let the relatively short distance of the new Danvers SwampWalk fool you — the third-of-a-mile boardwalk came about as a result of hundreds of hours of volunteer work, and the region is better for it.

The wooden walkway passes through the swamp between Danvers and Wenham, and has an observation platform that affords a great view of the area and its wildlife, which includes muskrats, eagles, beavers and turtles.

Work on the project began in 2010, and it was a labor of love. A $26,000 state grant, along with $14,000 in private donations, went toward lumber and supplies. About 200 volunteers pitched in to do the often back-breaking work of building the boardwalk.

The SwampWalk, which officially opened last weekend, is also a fine example of cooperation between the towns of Danvers and Wenham. Wetland scientists came up with the environmental and engineering plans, and officials in both towns gave their OK.

The observation platform can be reached from the north entrance of the boardwalk, which is located along the Danvers Rail Trail, 1,500 feet south of the Route 97 parking lot in Wenham. It’s definitely worth a visit.