, Salem, MA

September 3, 2013

Letter: Full steam ahead with cruise ships

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

It’s amazing to me why anyone would be against an opportunity for our city to find a source of tax revenue, at the same time helping our small businesses.

To answer the folks concerned about litter and vandalism by cruise passengers, it’s obvious they know not from whence they speak but simply are against change in their neighborhood. But this is change for the good of our historic, beloved city, and it should go forward “full steam ahead!”

In my 35 years as a travel agent, having had the opportunity of cruising to many parts of the world, I have never witnessed vandalism or litter created by passengers, but I have seen them spend lots of dough as tourists. It takes lots of tax revenue to serve the needs of our city. Mayor Driscoll is right on the money in moving Salem forward.

Saul P. Heller