, Salem, MA

August 3, 2013

Letter: Candidate interviews sought

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This is 2013: another local election year in Beverly. It is important that we help to provide citizens with information about candidates seeking political office. Making knowledgeable choices on Election Day is vital to every election. With that in mind, Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility (CFR) has decided to invite all candidates for office to appear on BevCam’s TV show “What’s Happening” to discuss their ideas and future plans for the city of Beverly. It is an opportunity for the public to be introduced to those who are running for the first time, as well as to hear from incumbents running for re-election.

We believe that it is to the advantage of both the candidates and the general public to be made aware of the issues and learn what ideas each candidate has to offer.

We extend this invitation to all candidates for public office in Beverly, as well as to our state representative, and will be contacting them to set up a time and date for their appearance. We hope that all will be willing to share their ideas with us, and with the public.

Gail Burke

Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility