, Salem, MA

August 12, 2013

Letter: Get involved, Hamilton

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This is a letter to all my fellow citizens of Hamilton:

I know everyone is busy in today’s hectic, often stress-filled world, but if you love Hamilton and love living in this town, please be aware of what transpires to make this town operate.

It really doesn’t take much. If you can’t attend the Board of Selectmen’s meetings in person (but maybe once in a while you could), please at least watch them on television on Channel 8 on Mondays at 7 p.m. It’s the least we can do — watch from the comfort of our homes.

The selectmen work for us, all of us, and you have to let them know your opinions and feelings about their actions and decisions on all issues.

They dedicate their time and efforts to the town, so the least we can do for the town is to watch and listen to the meetings.

Most important: Let them hear from you. They can’t know what you feel or want if you don’t tell them.

Whether you’re a 30-something couple with kids, working two jobs, a 40- to 50-something “empty nester,” or a senior longtime resident, it’s never been more important to let your opinions be heard by those you have elected to “run” our hometown. Just complaining to our friends and neighbors won’t get changes made — talk to the selectmen and our town manager, Michael Lombardo.

Email them; if you don’t have a computer you can write a letter or, better yet, call them. I was told at Town Hall that all the selectmen are listed in the phone book and a call to their homes is perfectly acceptable, and they actually encourage more citizens to give them feedback.

In closing, your voice does matter, make it heard. As a matter of public record, here are their phone numbers:

Jeffrey Hubbard, 978-468-0502

Marc Johnson, 978-468-5198

David Neill, 978-468-2713

Scott Maddern, 978-468-6291

Jennifer Scuteri, 978-626-0070 or 978-745-6200

Susan Welch