, Salem, MA

November 27, 2013

Letter: Bringing together opposite sides in Salem

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Where are the creative hearts and minds that are needed to make Salem a clean, green and sustainable model community?

Like-minded citizens in Salem are finding themselves on seemingly opposite sides of the debate about the gas-fired power plant (Footprint) that is proposed to be operating by 2016. Both sides care about these same things:

Salem’s tax revenue — that it will be sufficient for its needs without driving residents away because of high taxes;

Salem’s energy needs — that they are met “greenly” without the threat of “rolling brownouts”;

Salem’s waterfront — that this section of waterfront property will be beautified and more open to the public.

There are probably many ways these three concerns could be met if we think “outside the box.” So, can the two seemingly opposite sides on this significant issue get together to see if there is another way to achieve all three of our desired goals?

I hope so!

Clare Ritchie