, Salem, MA

November 28, 2013

Letter: Grateful for Olde Salem Greens

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Italian Society of Christopher Columbus at 24 Endicott St. in Salem. Our society has sponsored a golf league in Salem for many years. Over all of those years, our matches have been played at Old Salem Greens in Salem. The course is a gem. Old Salem Greens has never been in any better shape. We are grateful to greens keeper Paul Lever and his maintenance crew for their very noticeable efforts.

Management of the operating course is equally important. The attitude of its employees initiates the start of a great day for the players. The moment you arrive at the clubhouse, you are greeted with an atmosphere of friendliness and sociability. Every person associated with the management of the facility should be very proud of their accomplishments. As we are all aware, Old Salem Greens accommodates players from many cities and states, and how they are greeted is a direct reflection of the city of Salem.

We would like to be on record as an active social group that has endured in Salem for well over one hundred years and are extremely proud to call Old Salem Greens our favorite course.

We owe all of this to clubhouse manager Scott MacDonald and the fantastic staff at Olde Salem Greens.

Joe Ingemi and Rick Lee

League co-presidents