, Salem, MA

December 4, 2012

Letter: Peabody council needs to get with it

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Really, Peabody City Council? You thought the pharmacist was going to give you a few joints at the local CVS? And you state that you are being “approached by people eager to set up pot shops.” Who are they? Are they drug addicts looking to hook you on weed while you sleep? Or are they entrepreneurs who understand that there is a demand for something and they are looking to supply that in a safe environment?

Earth to Peabody City Council: Residents of Peabody smoke pot. Your kids and their friends smoke it. Businesspeople, lawyers and even cops smoke it. Why don’t we open more strip clubs, bars or liquor stores instead? It’s 2012, folks. June and Ward watched the Beav and Wally grow up and leave home a long time ago.

And as far as the legalization issue, the state has already decriminalized it in case you missed that news.

Your fears of pot shops on every street corner and strip mall are nothing more than hysteria and overreaction.

Your over-generalizations about Colorado and California “just smoking pot everywhere” are what is ludicrous. And quite frankly insulting. Why not ask President Obama his opinion on this issue? Or maybe Bill Clinton can offer some advice.

It’s no wonder Main Street is a mess. To be a small business in Peabody must be pretty tough to put up with you folks.

Michael Caggiano