, Salem, MA

December 5, 2012

Our view: Missing Lucy

The Salem News

---- — Lucy wasn’t just any cat. He was a guy with a girl’s name. It takes a certain self-confidence to carry that off, and Lucy did, making himself at home in any number of spots in downtown Salem.

The Maine coon cat would wander from owner David Pelletier’s home on Crombie Street through the downtown, often stopping off at The Barking Cat on Essex Street for a nap or a little attention. He was a celebrity, and he knew it.

But the outpouring of affection for Lucy during his life and after his death at 12 last weekend is another example of how a downtown can be as much a neighborhood as a commercial district, where people can be friends and businesspeople at the same time.

He was a special part of a special downtown, and he will be missed.