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December 3, 2009

Barbara Anderson: Creator looks down and wonders: 'What is this I've wrought?'

I had a nice Thanksgiving weekend except for the hours I spent choosing another Medicare plan.

If you think you are an intelligent person, wait until you are approaching 65 and have to make the Medicare decision; you will discover humility.

I managed to do well that first time I chose and had been happy with my plan. But it was cancelled for 2010 so I started over.

This effort was more challenging because while comparing various choices, I had to try to factor in what ObamaCare might do to them. I picked another Medicare Advantage plan, knowing that President Obama wants to get rid of all of those private insurance options that cover millions of seniors now.

So today I am watching the televised Senate debate on ObamaCare, which could force me to change plans again. I'm also listening to talk radio, and heard WTKK's Michael Graham discussing the latest proposal to make us taxpayers bail out homeowners who overextended themselves in the mortgage markets. Heard another discussion about the Copenhagen climate-change conference which could lead to us paying higher taxes to "stop global warming," which may really be global cooling.

President Obama is about to begin a debate on whether the war in Afghanistan should be paid for with new taxes or spending cuts.

The reality is that the USA is in such debt, with such huge, unfunded liabilities, that it can't afford to accelerate the war, deal with climate change in whichever direction, bail out everybody and everything in sight, and give affordable health insurance to everyone. We can't keep borrowing from China to run our country, even though China is apparently committed to lending us enough money so we can buy the things that China exports.

Which reminds me: Don't forget to shop until you drop for the holidays. Borrow if you must. Your country's economy must grow! If you overextend, we'll bail you out.

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