, Salem, MA

December 10, 2013

Letter: Please remember the troops

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

During these days of uncertain world affairs and political polarization, our troops need us even more. The men and women of our military are doing tremendous things with very little support. They need the home front more than ever. We are also Pease Greeters, meeting the flights coming home and departing across the world. The military is sending troops all over the Middle East, Africa and most of all we still have people coming and going to the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres. The news does not cover what our military is going through. Fighting in Afghanistan is heavy and we will not be out in 2014, as speculated. There are troops with orders to go to Afghanistan through September 2014. We have met troops that have done 13 deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan ranging in age from 18-60 years old.

These men and women and their families know only service and sacrifice. Their families are doing without so much that they should not be the ones to send care packages to our loved ones. They are all our American family and they need us now. These simple items from home are luxuries over there. Most of all it says they are not forgotten and that is more important. It may be the package or an item inside that may take them out of a bad day or moment.

Please help us to continue sending care packages to our troops. It costs $22 to mail our care package box. We are asking for your donations of products or cash to help to defray the cost of mailing. Most of all, if you have a family member who is serving in the military, please make sure we have their name and address so we may send them a box of “love” from home.

We would also like to thank a few of our supporters who make CAPTS truly special; Chet’s Video, Harborside Realty, Gerry 5, Girl Scouts, the Marblehead Museum, the Chamber of Commerce, National Grand Bank, the Marblehead Police Department and the Council on Aging. These are a few of the groups who help with keeping our efforts continuous. They deserve our help until all our troops are home and with their families. Please never pass a veteran without shaking their hand and thanking them for their service. It is because of their sacrifice that we can enjoy our freedom.

The Brings family

Calling All Patriots Troop Support