, Salem, MA

January 23, 2014

Letter: Beverly should learn from Danvers traffic woes

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

It appears from Mr. Cohen’s letter (”Brimbal Avenue project is better for Beverly,” Jan. 17) that the citizens of Beverly will have a new mall of some sort at Brimbal Avenue; the issue is whether or not it will include Whole Foods.

A big concern is the traffic. The state Department of Transportation is supposed to be “redesigning” and improving the flow of traffic. With all due respect to their engineers, these are the same people who redesigned the interchange between Route 128 and Route 62, and it is a nightmare. Perhaps the cars get off Route 128 quicker, but the Route 62 traffic is worse. The left-hand turns onto the highway are definitely a step backward. The signage, what little there is, is awful, and the traffic congestion is worse. In the matter of two car lengths, the lanes change from straight ahead to left-turn only. The traffic signals have green arrows some of the time, but not all of the time, creating more confusion. To top it all off, as reported in an article published in this newspaper, the statistics show the number of accidents has increased! Navigating this particular stretch of road is like running the gauntlet.

Rotaries are inherently dangerous, which is why many of them have been replaced with intersections and lights. Now we will have people exiting Route 128 at a good rate of speed and zipping around not one, but two “roundabouts.” Soon there will not be anywhere in Beverly where a driver can safely access and exit the highway.

Let’s hope that should we have to have a redesign, it works better than the most recently completed one.

Christine Beote