, Salem, MA

January 23, 2014

Letter: Put Whole Foods in Beverly Farms

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Finally, I understand why we need a Whole Foods on Brimbal Avenue in Beverly. Those rich folk in Beverly Farms and Manchester-by-the-Sea and Topsfield and Wenham have trouble driving to Swampscott. But the neighbors in North Beverly who already put up with two major grocery stores and two major pharmacies don’t want another major retailer.

The solution is easy. Build the Whole Foods at the West Beach bath house! Widen Grapevine Road. Those estates won’t make pesky protests when the city takes a few feet from their property. All the rich folks can shop at the rich folks’ store, and we who can barely afford Shaw’s or Stop & Shop won’t inconvenience them.

Pat Danielson