, Salem, MA

January 25, 2014

Letter: Neighborhood is done with development

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The letter from Kira Fabrizio and Alison McCarthy (“Vote for smart development”) in the Jan. 13 Salem News urges all Beverly citizens to vote in the upcoming special election to either approve or disapprove of a zoning change that would change the Brimbal Avenue area for better or worse. The letter writers then went on to urge a “Yes” vote in order to improve Beverly economically.

I submit, as a lifelong North Beverly resident, that North Beverly is “done.” No more commercial sprawl or development is needed or wanted by we who live here. As for the need for a Whole Foods chain store, we already have a wonderful locally owned source of such products. It’s Henry’s Market, which has been here since 1941 and produces superb “homemade” foods.

So, yes, come out and vote in February, but keep in mind the havoc that overdevelopment has wrought on Route 1A from the fire station to the Wenham line. Do we want even more of that? I say, “No.”

Richard Symmes