, Salem, MA

January 25, 2014

Letter: Fourth and goal in Salem

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

In reference to the Jan. 10 Salem News article “A rumble before the manhole explosion,” it is noted that during his inaugural invocation, the Rev. Dan Riley called Kim Driscoll the “Tom Brady of mayors.”

OK, let’s assume for all intents and purposes that Mayor Kim Driscoll is the “Tom Brady of mayors.” And imagine that we’re at the Super Bowl and she’s leading her team down the field. The crowd is deafening, there’s two seconds left on the clock, no time-outs, it’s fourth and goal, and her team (city of Salem) is down by three points. A field goal wouldn’t win it. The ball is snapped and the quarterback (Mayor Kim Driscoll) does a quarterback sneak, plows fearlessly through the defensive line and wins the game for her team. Whoo hoo!

You’re probably asking yourself “who is the defensive team?” That would be the poor, unfortunate residents of Salem who have to live next to the new, dangerous Footprint gas power plant. Even though the residents lost the game, they were a tirelessly worthy opponent, fought a good fight, and at least made it to the Super Bowl.

So what becomes of the winning team’s quarterback? Oh, well that’s easy; she gleefully celebrates and becomes one of the most sought after players in the game (political arena). She ends her contract with the current team (city of Salem), and gets drafted by the new team (state gubernatorial or state treasurer), which gives her what she wants and needs most — notoriety, unadulterated power and more money. In her wake, again, will be the unfortunate residents of Salem. If she plays her cards right before leaving, she could get the Bertram Field changed to the “Driscoll Field” at Salem High School. Or even better, possibly get Footprint to name its dangerous gas power plant “Driscoll Station” before it sells it for a profit and scoots out of town.

Of course, this is a totally hypothetical scenario; some select Salem residents have every intention of meeting Mayor Driscoll/Footprint Power at the Super Bowl and winning.

Even Tom Brady loses a game once in awhile.

Jeff Brooks