, Salem, MA

October 15, 2012

Letter: Say yes to Beverly CPA

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am dreadfully tired of no. No to a beautiful trail in the woods or open fields. No to a peaceful walk by the water’s edge. No to shared gardens full of summer vegetables. No to playgrounds for the children around us. No to parks. No to bike paths where I can ride without constantly watching for doors and texting drivers. No to boat ramps. No to ball fields. No, no, no. There are no funds. There is nothing left for those niceties — I say necessities — in life. Maybe next year. We’ll see. Maybe next year.

What type of community would that be? Not the community I want to live in. We can say “yes!” Yes to quality of life. Yes to recreational projects that make us healthier — mentally and physically — and happier! Yes to playgrounds and community gardens, parks, bike paths, harbor walks and river walks. Say “Yes!” to Question 4 on Nov. 6. Yes to CPA for Beverly. Yes to those state funds for Beverly.

Constance Lapite